How to Make Your Own Pore Strips

How To Make Your Own Pore Strips!

This is a fast, easy and nontoxic way to make your own pore strips to remove those pesky blackheads.

Safe and effective, this can be done in less than a minute and only requires 2 ingredients!

Items you will need:

1 tbsp. Gelatin Powder

1 tbsp. Milk

In a heat resistant bowl, add the milk, then slowly begin adding in the gelatin powder. Mix together and microwave for about 10 seconds.

Give it about a minute to cool as it may be hot. Using your finger, apply the mixture to your nose, and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes.

Carefully peel off the strip and discard in the trash. You can see the blackheads on the strip and other impurities in removed from your skin.

*WARNING* It may look gross, so you may not want to look at it!

This is really effective and is great for wen you don;t have any strips at home and want to save a little money.

We recommend using unflavored, clear gelatin and we used dairy milk. You can also use kefir milk, if it is available near you.