Amazing Winter Hairstyles 2016

The spring will be here soon, but the winter won’t be going without a fight. Below are a few awesome hairstyles that you can recreate while drinking some hot cocoa with your BFF!

four strand braid
Plaited 4 strand braid by @braidsandstyles12 on this beautiful Saturday!

half up braided lavender hair
The one and only @guy_tang with this gorgeous half up braided style and lavender dyed hair colors.

knot like you've never braided before
Knot like you’ve never braided before. She really lives up to he name @creative.braids with a stunning “knot-like” braid finished into a ponytail.

waterfall braid
Simple is still beautiful and this is a perfect example, the waterfall braid from @braidsbunsandbeauty recreating a classic look that almost anyone can recreate!